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Both employees and employers can benefit from the expert Employment Law and HR services that Frederick Solicitors provide.

While many problems or disputes at work can be resolved informally, this isn’t always the case. That means you need to know your employment rights and what you can do to achieve the result you want. We offer down to earth, practical legal advice to employees from all industries.

For businesses, Frederick Solicitors is a results focused business partner that is passionate about service excellence, practical support and value for money. We focus on ensuring that your business has in place a structure of rules, policies and procedures which ensure that your business is compliant with current legislation and its legal obligations. This not only reduces your risks and costs but also leaves you free to concentrate on the development, growth and success of your business.

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We are offering all businesses a FREE legal compliance review. We will review your current documents, policies and procedures and report our findings and recommendations at no cost to your business. Contact us now to book.

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