Performance Management

As an employer you are entitled to get the most out of your staff, both in terms of productivity and their performance as this will enable you to meet your business objectives. 

At the same time, you cannot simply formulate a list of arbitrary and unreasonable standards and then wield them like a blunt object against staff members.

Performance management standards must be carefully composed, taking into consideration various aspects of employment law. They must also be applied in an even-handed and just manner lest you find yourself and your company embroiled in an endless series of Employment Tribunal procedures.

Adverse Tribunal Judgments can be expensive and may also have a negative effect on your brand reputation. In addition, they can be a significant distraction diverting time and resources that would be better spent on other things.

If staff members feel the company’s performance standards are unrealistic or overtly punitive it can also undermine productivity and staff loyalty and make it difficult to recruit top talent in an already challenging employment environment.

Frederick Solicitors Can Help

At Frederick Solicitors we have extensive experience with all aspects of employment law and can help you formulate Performance Management standards and enforcement procedures that will enhance productivity, promote accountability and withstand scrutiny by the Employment Tribunal.

With a set of clear and easily enforceable Performance Standards in place you are more likely to avoid problematic situations. Nonetheless, in the event an issue should arise you should seek our assistance as early in the dispute process as possible. With the right advice, you will likely be able to prevent a dispute from developing into a claim.

Instances when you should seek advice from Frederick Solicitors include:

  • Possible employee misconduct.
  • Wanting to dismiss a troublesome staff member.
  • Dealing with extended or frequent sickness absence.
  • Applying performance standards to an underperforming staff member.
  • Whenever a grievance has been raised by an employee.
  • Whenever you wish to change company policies or procedures.

Should a performance issue arise that requires implementation of your Performance Management Standards the employment law experts at Frederick Solicitors will provide:

  • An accurate assessment of the risks involved and your options going forward.
  • Clear, easy-to-understand advice on how best to proceed that is free of confusing legal terminology.
  • Timely and reliable advice during every stage of the Employment Tribunal process, should it come to that.

Our Performance Management Solicitors will stand with you every step of the way making sure no detail is overlooked. And because we will have helped you devise your Performance Management Standards we will be able to defend them and your company interests with determination and authority.

We have worked with many employers over the years to introducperformance review and appraisal procedures, the use of bonus and other incentive schemes to motivate and encourage improvements, and the use of capability procedures to remove those employees who are no longer performing to the standards you require. Speak to us to discuss your requirements.

Our expert employment solicitors are here to help resolve your issue as quickly as possible. 

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