Sickness Absence Management

Effective absence management involves finding a balance between supporting employees with health problems to stay in, or return to work. Ensuring that the employer’s business objectives are not compromised by repeated short term or long term absence. 

This can be achieved through a combination of clear and comprehensive absence management procedures and good communication and early intervention by line managers. 

Whilst some level of sickness absence is inevitable in any organisation, having appropriate policies and procedures in place for dealing with sickness absence can achieve positive results. These policies should state the standards of attendance expected of the employee and provide employees with information on any terms and conditions relating to incapacity for work due to sickness or injury, including any provision for sick pay. 

If an employee is absent or likely to be absent for a long period, the employer should seek further information about their absence and obtain a medical report if appropriate. 

Absence Management Procedures should set out the respective rights and obligations of both the employer and employee. 

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