All employees should receive 5.6-weeks holiday a year. We all know those employees who never manage their time and fail to take holidays. How can businesses protect themselves from having to pay that out? 

  • Ensure you have a policy and procedure for managing holidays which should include:
  • Regular written reminders if holidays are not being used. 
  • The ability to track when holidays are approved or denied. 
  • The ability to serve notice to an employee to make them take holiday. 

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Failing to pay outstanding holiday pay for a leaver

No matter why an employee is leaving your business, they are entitled to holiday pay accrued to their last day. This is the case even if you dismiss them. 

Neglecting to accrue holiday for overtime hours

It is easy to forget that employees also accrue holiday pay for any overtime they work. Stay on track of extra hours that your employees work, record additional hours or holiday accruals.

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