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Rights as an agency worker

If you are an agency worker, you have certain basic rights at work as soon as you start work and get more rights when you have been in the same job in the same organisation for 12 weeks. In some cases, you will be an employee of your agency. If you are an employee you will have more rights.  


Rights as soon as you start work 

You have the right: 

  • to be paid at least the national minimum wage  

  • to take paid holiday  

  • to work a limited number of hours each week 

  • to be safe where you work 

  • to be told about vacancies where you are working unless they are only available to staff who are at risk of redundancy 


What rights do you get after 12 weeks? 

You get the same basic pay and conditions as people hired directly by the organisation and who are doing the same work as you in the same place.  

You should get the same: 

  • basic pay - this includes overtime, shift work allowances, some bonus or commission payments, childcare or meal vouchers 

  • breaks in your working week  

  • rest breaks during your working day  

  • paid annual leave 

  • extra rights if you are pregnant 

This could mean that you are entitled to better terms and conditions than you get from your agency. 

If you’re not getting the same rights as other workers after 12 weeks call us. 


If you are an employee of your agency 

You will have the same employment rights as all employees, including the right to: 

  • statutory notice pay if your agency dismisses you 

  • not be dismissed by your agency because you have asked or complained about certain legal rights  

  • unpaid time off for emergencies  

After you have worked for the same agency for 2 years, you’ll also have the right to: 

  • not be unfairly dismissed 

  • be given the reason for your dismissal in writing  

  • redundancy pay 

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