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At some time in your work life you may need to report wrongdoing this is known as "a whistleblower".  We know how challenging this can be and we can support you and ensure that you are protected. For a confidential discussion contact us.  

When is it right to become a whistleblower? 

Whatever your occupation or profession, it is possible that you'll one day uncover dishonesty, malfeasance, risk-taking or malpractice at the place you work. It doesn't matter whether you're a doctor or a lawyer, a financial director or a secretary; if you see wrongdoing in a public or private organisation - and the chance to make things right by revealing the truth – you have the moral right to become a whistleblower. 

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We have the expertise to offer you practical advice and assistance in reporting public interest concerns in a way that helps to avoid difficulties and discourage reprisals. If you believe you must become a whistleblower – or you're already suffering the repercussions of having done so - call us 

Can I be punished for whistleblowing? 

Telling the truth – particularly when it is in the public interest – should always mean that you have the law on your side. However, if you're about to become a whistleblower, it is important to go about it correctly to right the wrongs you have discovered without jeopardising your own career or reputation. If you work in certain fields, such as medicine, financial services or the law, for example, there are accepted channels you should go through. If you're in other fields, we can still advise on the best course of action to take. 

Unfortunately, some employers can react badly to whistleblowers, leading to a variety of detriments, including: 

  • Demotion 

  • Restrictions to your role 

  • Hostility 

  • Benefits or bonuses being withheld 

  • Harassment or victimisation 

  • Pressure to resign 

  • Unfair dismissal 

Where this happens, there are several legal remedies availableincluding negotiating a settlement agreement with your employer, which can lead to a negotiated exit on better financial terms than you might otherwise receive. Or you can pursue an Employment Tribunal claim against your employer. 

Our solicitors can guide you through the appropriate method on how to blow the whistle alongside helping those who are experiencing mistreatment once revealing the information they know. 

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