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Help with dismissal

If you have been working for more than 2 years at the same company you cannot be dismissed without fair reason. That means that in order to let you go your employer must be able to prove one or more of the following:

  • You engaged in conduct detrimental to the business
  • You performed your job poorly
  • You took excessive or unwarranted sick time
  • You are no longer needed due to redundancy
  • There was some other legitimate reason for the dismissal

If you feel you were unfairly dismissed you should contact the team at Frederick Solicitors. We can help you determine if you have a legitimate claim of being unfairly dismissed and explain your options to you. Remember, employers need to comply with the ACAS Code of Practice regarding employee discipline. If there is reason to suspect they did not you may be granted an Employment Tribunal which will determine whether your grievance warrants compensation or other remedial steps such as reinstatement.

Help with settlement agreements

Settlement Agreements - formerly known as Compromise Agreements - are agreements reached between an employer and employee to resolve a termination dispute. The Settlement Agreement will often specify agreed upon compensation for the now former employee and may also address other, specific aspects of the original dispute.

Before you sign a Settlement Agreement it is important that you speak to an expert from Frederick Solicitors to ensure you are getting a fair and reasonable settlement given the merits of your case. The Employment Solicitor can also ensure there are no hidden clauses or cleverly worded stipulations that could end up nullifying the agreement or otherwise prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve.

Help with Employment Tribunals

The Employment Tribunal is a hearing intended to establish whether people who claim they were unfairly dismissed from their job have a legitimate complaint. The Employment Tribunal is authorised to rule on a variety of issues including discrimination claims, non-payment of wages and unfair dismissal. When pursuing a claim in front of an Employment Tribunal it is crucial that you have a qualified Employment Solicitor at your side to ensure your interests are protected and promoted.

If you took a claim to the Employment Tribunal and were rejected you may not be out of options. Our expert Employment Solicitors can review your case and determine if you have cause for appeal. We will also give you an honest assessment on the likelihood of your appeal succeeding and will stand beside you should you decide to challenge the Tribunal’s decision.

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