HR Support

“It’s not easy employing people…”

Employers face a constant stream of laws and responsibilities; a 
litigious workforce; a rising number of Employment Tribunal claims;
high legal bills and compensation awards if things go wrong. 

For a fixed monthly fee, we will
ensure that your business has in
place legally compliant contracts of
employment, policies and
procedures to prevent things from
going wrong in the first place. We
are on hand to assist you 24/7 with
any employment or HR matter
should an issues arise out of hours.

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Employment Tribunal

Employment Tribunal Representation

If your business faces an Employment Tribunal claim our Employment Tribunal Representation will successfully handle your defence,  achieving the best outcome for your business. 

In the event that you have a tribunal claim against you, we can represent you throughout the Tribunal process.  

Our Tribunal Representation service is backed by Legal Protection Insurance, which can fund your legal costs and pay an award of compensation that is made against your business giving you further peace of mind.

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We are offering all businesses a FREE legal compliance review. We will review your current documents,  policies and procedures and report our findings and recommendations at no cost to your business.

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How Our HR Support Solicitors Can Help Your Business

At Frederick Solicitors we have a long history of helping businesses protect their interests. Our efforts are typically focused on the following areas of concern:

HR Planning

In many instances, Employment Tribunal cases can trace their origins to confusing, contradictory, unevenly applied or poorly considered HR practices. Our HR Support Solicitors can help you iron out the wrinkles in your approach to HR ensuring that your company embraces best practices across the board. We can also assist with the drafting of contracts to ensure every aspect of the legal framework underpinning a person’s employment is in harmony with best practices.

Whether your business is a start-up or has been a fixture on the British business scene for decades we can provide expert HR planning support that will ensure all the gears in your employment process are in perfect sync.

Employer Protection

We provide ongoing support to businesses of all sizes and types including advice on how to adjust staff levels to reflect actual needs, how to deal with performance issues, sickness and/or disability issues, disciplinary issues, corporate restructuring, discrimination claims, workplace safety grievances and much more. Our HR Support Solicitors are the allies you need to ensure your legitimate interests are not undermined by opportunistic employees or baseless claims of discrimination or bias.

Tribunal Defence

With all of your HR ducks in a row the number of employee claims that ever reach the Employment Tribunal stage should be significantly reduced. Nonetheless, there are exceptions to every rule and at some point or another, it is likely you will be called to defend your interests before a Tribunal. When that happens the HR Support Solicitors from Frederick Solicitors will be at your side representing your interests in a determined and methodical fashion.

We have an admirable success rate defending companies before Employment Tribunals largely because we put so much effort into ensuring the foundation of their HR policies is lucid, logical and legally compliant.

We have many years of experience helping our business clients avoid the kinds of troublesome legal entanglements that often result from poorly crafted HR policies.

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