How To Deal with Being Made Redundant

How To Deal with Being Made Redundant

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Even if you saw the warning signs months in advance, being notified that you are being made redundant is still a stressful, emotionally difficult situation. In this article, we will look at some of the steps you can take to protect your mental and emotional health while awaiting redundancy and in the aftermath.

Step #1: Know Your Rights

If every member of the staff is being made redundant you do not have much recourse. However, if only a select number of employees have been chosen for redundancy and you are one you have the right to appeal the decision. If you have enough evidence to support your claim you stand a reasonable chance of having the decision overturned.

Step #2: Be Mindful of Your Feelings

Even if you are a master of hiding your feelings you will have feelings nonetheless. Perhaps very strong feelings with the potential to affect your mood and the way you interact with others. This is normal. Try to avoid engaging in furious, power-driven arguments, embracing self-pity or blaming yourself for the situation.

Step #3: Budget Your Money

Until you are able to find another job money is likely to be tight, even if you were given a decent severance payment. One of your first acts upon learning you will be released should be to do a cold-light-of-day assessment of your finances and produce a budget that will enable you to stretch your financial resources as far as possible.

Step #4: Keep Your Mind Occupied

An idle mind is a bad neighbourhood. It will be important that you stay mentally engaged in things other than worrying about your situation. Catch up on some of those movies you were always too busy to watch. Get a hobby or start working out. Staying physically fit will also help you stay mentally and emotionally fit, and you will probably make some new friends at the gym or the park.


Being made redundant does not have to feel like the weight of the world has descended on you, if you take the above tips to heart. And if you need help appealing your redundancy notice, contact the team at Frederick Solicitors.