How to Deal with Discrimination at Work

How to Deal with Discrimination at Work

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The issue of discrimination in the workplace is both important and complex. If you believe you have been discriminated against or a discrimination case has come to your attention call Frederick Solicitors. We have extensive experience defending the interests of workers and employers in discrimination cases and will assess your situation and provide expert advice on the best way forward.

Different Types of Employment Discrimination

There are several different types of discrimination that can take place at work. Some of them obvious and appalling, others subtle and insidious. The Equality Act of 2010 establishes four main categories of workplace discrimination:

  • Direct Discrimination: This is when the employer discriminates against an employee based on a protected characteristic.
  • Indirect Discrimination: Indirect discrimination takes many forms but the end result is typically that more members of a group with protected characteristics are unable to comply with a workplace policy than those who do not have a protected characteristic. In other words, the policy restricts or punishes one group more than another.
  • Victimisation: Victimisation occurs when an employee incurs the wrath of management because they did, or it is thought they might A) complain about discrimination in the workplace B) file a discrimination claim against their employer or C) voiced support of another’s discrimination claim.
  • Harassment: Like indirect discrimination, harassment in the workplace can take many forms including unwanted verbal or physical conduct that violates the dignity of a person with a protected characteristic, or creates a hostile, intimidating, degrading or offensive environment for them.

To Employees

Frederick Solicitors have an extensive track record of successfully representing employees in discrimination claims against employers. We advocate tirelessly for your rights and when necessary to ensure you receive the financial settlement you deserve.

To Employers

Businesses and institutions great and small depend on our expert Discrimination Solicitors to protect their interests in the event of unwarranted discrimination claims. Discrimination claims can be extremely complex and require determined and proven legal advocacy.

Frederick Solicitors can help.

When discrimination arises it is important that you address it quickly and effectively. The experienced team at Frederick Solicitors can help. Get in touch today.