How to Tell if You're Being Bullied at Work

How to Tell if You're Being Bullied at Work

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Instances of workplace bullying are more common than most people want to admit. One of the main reasons this abhorrent activity continues to manifest is that the people being bullied are often unaware of the proper steps involved in resolving such situations, so the bullying goes unreported.

Common Signs of Workplace Bullying

There is a difference between playful ribbing and bullying. And it’s important employees are able to distinguish one from the other. The following are some examples of unacceptable behaviour that may emanate from a supervisor or a fellow worker:

  • Repeated vocal criticism in front of others.
  • Inappropriate remarks about appearance or mannerisms.
  • Threats related to job security.
  • Unwanted or inappropriate touching.
  • Physical threats of any kind.
  • Sexually explicit emails or showing sexually explicit photographs.
  • Attempted intimidation when others are not around.

No one has a right to berate others, to fling hateful or harmful remarks at them, to attempt to physically intimidate them in any way or to suggest their job is in danger unless they refrain from acting in a certain manner.

How to Respond to Workplace Bullying

Ideally, such situations would be resolved in an adult manner with the aggrieved individual and the bully talking things out. However, workplace bullies can be notoriously difficult to reason with. They have a personal agenda and will take any attempt to call them out on their behaviour as a personal affront.

As a result, most victims of workplace bullying will need to file a complaint with their supervisor or Human Resources. Once a complaint has been filed the law compels the employer to investigate. Should the investigation turn up evidence that the complaint is valid the employer must take steps to try and resolve the situation.

However, if the employer seems unwilling or unable to promote a resolution the employee’s next step should be to call Frederick Solicitors. We have years of experience helping victims of workplace bullying find satisfactory resolutions either through the Employment Tribunal system or, if that fails, direct litigation.

If you are the target of workplace bullying, harassment or intimidation and the normal channels of resolution have failed, get in touch with Frederick Solicitors. We can help.